The Healtful Home Cook

How do I know that the Healthful Home Cook is right for me ?

The Healthful Home Cook is right for you if you're ready to make positive changes, interested in learning more about nutrition, struggle with the basics in the kitchen and want to cook healthy meals at home.

Note that if you prefer individual feedback, this course may not be right for you, since it is entirely self-paced. One-on-one counseling may be a better solution. To book and appointment or to learn more about rates and packages for nutritional counselling, contact me at

What am I paying for exactly ?

When you purchase the Healthful Home Cook, you get unlimited access to a private portal, where you will find the online guide's content: your e-book, videos, tools, templates, worksheets and recipe book. What you learn can serve you a lifetime and has the potential to change your health, your biggest asset! This is how I know you will get tremendous value for your investment.

How long do I have to decide ?

As long as you need. There is no limited enrollment period for the Healthful Home Cook. It will be available indefinitely. However, although there is no pressure to join today, there is no better time than the present to invest in your health.

How do I purchase the Healthful Home Cook ?

Payment for the Healthful Home Cook is processed online, through Paypal. You must use or create a Paypal account to complete your transaction. If you are having difficulty with your transaction, please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will get on it immediately.

Is it guided or do I follow at my own pace ?

The Healthful Home Cook is self-paced. On your portal, you have access to all the content at once. However, the information is broken into a five-chapter sequence that makes it a breeze to follow.

If I am unable to follow through with the material, can I get a refund ?

An online course with downloadable material like this one, cannot be refunded. So please ask questions before purchasing to make sure that it is the right fit for you.

Is the Healthful Home Cook for women only?

The content, tips, strategies and recipes are not specific to women, meaning that anybody can apply them. However, the course was inspired by challenges faced by modern women, so the tone and dialogue may resonate with them more.

How long do I have access to my portal ?

After purchase, you have unlimited access to your private portal and can return to it whenever you need, even once you've gone through all the content.

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